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21 East State Street, 17th Floor
Columbus, Ohio, 43215
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Membership Information

The Organization

The Industrial Energy Users-Ohio (IEU-Ohio) is a non-profit organization of energy-intensive Ohio manufacturers that focuses on proactively addressing customer concerns in state and federal energy forums. IEU-Ohio is active in legislative, regulatory and technical arenas that influence price and availability of reliable energy supplies.

During the 2000-2001 natural gas season, members received regular updates on supplies and supplier activity across the U.S.

IEU-Ohio works to impact energy policies for members who are large employers and play a major role in keeping Ohio's economy strong. As energy intensive manufacturers, IEU-Ohio members are keenly aware of the impact of energy costs on global and domestic competitiveness. With IEU-Ohio's technical, legal and legislative support, members are focused on proactive performance to enable them to better manage those costs through intervention in legislative and regulatory forums that make energy policy.

The Industrial Energy Users-Ohio is the only non-profit organization in Ohio focusing solely on energy issues and their impact on commercial and industrial consumers. Membership in IEU-Ohio is open to businesses that desire to learn about changing energy markets and how large energy users can use these changes to their advantage in today's competitive global marketplace.

Member Benefits

  • Updates and monthly meetings that highlight opportunities to affect the price and availability of energy services;
  • Access to technical, regulatory, government relations and legal resources including access to state and regional power supply information and energy trends;
  • An expansion of your energy "Tool Kit" including physical and financial management tools-to help you make smart energy decisions in competitive energy markets.

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Vendor Affiliate Membership Information

Vendor Affiliate membership provides opportunities for energy suppliers and service providers to work side-by-side with IEU-Ohio and its members and to stay abreast of energy industry changes and their impact on large energy users.

Benefits of Membership

  • IEU-Ohio member contact information allowing VA members to get their messages to the right people;
  • Weekly industry updates and PUCO summaries that report on current energy events and regulatory and legislative activities affecting energy industries;
  • Annual Vendor Affiliate Meeting with IEU members where members gather for two days of informal business and social activities.

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